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      Junior Schedule
Begins 10/13/22

We our proud to announce that will be following the USTA netgeneration program again this year! 

Please click on the link below to find out more about this program.


At Vista Indoor Tennis, kids learn more than just tennis. They learn perseverance, dedication, hard work, respect for others, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Every child is placed according to their ability.

Red Ball: Kids immediately experience the fun of playing tennis. Through practice and play they will learn the building blocks of tennis, including technique, movement, scoring and court sense.

Class duration: 1 hour.


Orange Ball: Working on a larger court, players now are introduced to tactical play while continuing to develop their adult technique.

Class duration: 1 hour.


Green Ball: Players are led through all the different playing opportunities and challenges of tennis. With clear practice and play pathways, kids have the chance to reach their full potential without limit. Class duration: 1 hour

Yellow Ball: Tactics and technique are given a strong focus as players begin to play formal match play.

Class duration: 1 hour.



Balls: Children need a ball that works to their playing abilities. A regulation ball moves too fast, bounces too high and is too heavy for the smaller racquet. Low compression balls help them learn the proper techniques to play the game.

Red Ball - 75% decompressed

Orange Ball - 50% decompressed

Green Ball - 25% decompressed

Courts: Shorter courts means kids are able to cover a kid-sized court.

Red Ball - 36' court

Orange Ball - 60' court

Green Ball - full court

Yellow Ball - full court

High School Squad

Our High School Program focuses on preparation for high school team play. Participants must be active high school junior varsity or varsity team players.



  Please call for class days/times and availability.

        RED BALL (5-7 YR OLDS)

        ORANGE BALL (8-10 YR OLDS)

         GREEN BALL (10-12 YR OLDS)

        YELLOW BALL  (12-17 YR OLDS)



We reserve the right to change class days and times to accommodate enrollment.

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