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 Stroke of the week


Monday 11-12

Friday 12-1 3.0-3.5

Saturday 3:30-4:30

 Ladies Clinics  begins 10/13/22 $480.00 1hr class/10 weeks                
Please call for availability


Men's League (3.0-4.0) begins 10/17/22

Doubles $30/person 1,5 hrs

Singles $25/person 1/hr   $37.50/person 1.5 hrs

Please call for more information

Classes begin on October 10

Each week begins a new stroke.

Sign up for one class or as many as you'd like - the choice is yours!

$30/per person/per class  sign - up required

We required a minimum of 3 students to run each class.

Week of  10/10     Forehand 

Week of  10/17     Backhand

Week of  10/124   Approach  & Volley

Week of  10/31     Serves & return of serve

Week of  11/7       Forehand

Week of  11/14     Backhand

Week of  11/28    Approach  & Volley

Week of  12/5      Serves & return of serve

Week of  12/12    Forehand

Week of  12/19    Backhand

Week of  1/2        Approach  & Volley

Week of  1/9        Serves & return of serve


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